Fernwehvorfreude, Teil 40: Hugos Manly ausbaldowern

Neu auf meiner „To Do“-Liste: das Hugos Manly, denn ein Lokal mit diesem Ausblick und dieser Beschreibung muss ich mir natürlich ansehen, vor allem, wenn es sich in Manly befindet, wo ich auch wohnen werde:


Hugos has had a lease on the deck since 2008 and applied in 2013 to put seating for 72 diners there. Objections had included concerns over noise and public access, but the Manly Independent Assessment Panel approved the extra seats, but limited the number of diners to 50 and imposed other conditions.

The restaurant’s hours of operation on the deck will be from 11am-11.30pm.

Other conditions include candlelights only by night, to minimise disturbance to penguins, and banning umbrellas in the morning, so that seagrass beds still get sunshine.

Mr Evans said it will be a great spot for a sundowner overlooking Manly Cove.

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