Hier ist die Hilfestellung für die Weihnachtstypbestimmung aus dem Buch "Winter Celebrations" von Jonathan King, Jim Stott und Kathie Gunst, die ich wirklich genial finde und einige Zwistleins zwischen Max und mir verständlicher macht. Während Max eindeutig gen Typ 2 tendiert, bin ich wohl ein unverbesserlicher Typ 1, der aber wie immer meint, "the best of both worlds" haben zu müssen. Ob ich es bekomme? Mal sehen…

Das Buch ist nicht zuletzt deshalb so gut, weil es verschiedene Menüzusammenstellungen abhängig von der winterlichen Gemütsverfassung gibt. Besonders gefallen mir das:

– I've Been Shopping All Day And I'm Exhausted Dinner und das

– Thank Goodness It's All Over Supper

Hier kommt der Test:

NYC2009 2312 (57) compressedAre you a holiday person? You know what we are talking about. The holidays divide the world into two types: those who love them and those who wish the calendar would magically skip ahead to January 2, so they could get on with life.

Type 1: It's November and the days are getting darker and colder. You feel the sense of anticipation everywhere. You get out the good China, plan holiday feasts, and start to cook. You fill the kitchen with the comforting buttery scent of your favourite cookies and pies baking in the oven. You can't wait to start shopping and find the perfect something for everyone important in your life. The little kid in you is awake and alive – it's holiday time. Life is good.

Type 2: It's November and the days are getting darker and colder. You can feel that sense of dread creeping into your bones. Family and friends are calling and making plans. The radio and television play those insiduous holiday tunes over and over. You check the internet to see how much it will cost to run away but you know, no matter where you are, the holidays will prevail. So you start to make lists. One list has everyone's name on it next to a gift idea. Then there is a list of groceries to buy for all those holiday meals. And the list of chores to do before the family arrives – buy the tree, find the menorah, put up the wreath, stack the firewood, get replacement bulbs for the holiday lights. On and on it goes.

Take a deep long breath. Whehter you are Type 1 or Type 2, there's a way to make it through all these winter celebrations and truly enjoy the season. The key is to know your limits and to do some good planning and organising before things get too hectic.


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