Typo-Collage „Share the magic“

Weil ich alle aktuellen Prompts bereits „abgearbeitet“ habe, vergnüge ich mich in der Mittagspause mit einem eher universellen Prompt, der lediglich die Verwendung einer schönen Schrift fordert. Das ist das montägliche Ergebnis mit dem Titel „Share the magic“.

Besonders freuen mich in der einschlägigen Collage-Facebook-Gruppe natürlich Kommentare wie: „Yesterday, I tried to meet a challenge and copy your work. I learned so much about white space and your talent. I love your style which is so very different from my own. This one is particularly fabulous because of the humor in the bus driver, diver and bird! Mad love for your work.“

„Your work is so fabulous I’m going to make a page in my book titled: inspired by Andrea Farthofer. I’ll attempt to emulate your style and see what I can learn. You have a gift.“

Oder auch: „your work is always wonderful. simply fun to look at“ oder „love your sense of space and the story you tell!“, „Ditto. You really know how to use your space to the best effect. Nice work!“, „Your work is amazing“, „Amazing. I love each of your pages more and more.“ „Would you mentor me ( as in critique) if I ever get my butt in gear and do something? You inspire me.“, „You really come up with some creative pieces, Andrea. Love the colours and the placement of items on an angle across it. So inspiring.“, „Crazy. Crazy. Crazy love for this!!“ oder „This really is a memorable collage. Mad love for it!“, „You did it again! Your works are AMAZING!“, „Great page. Quirky and fun. It’s your great sense of style that makes them stand out.“, „I think it’s the white space that really makes your pages pop! The last couple I’ve seen anyway. I LOVE them.“, „Love it, love it, LOVE it!!!“

Share the magic

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